My Name is

Brandon Schultz



The skills that I have acquired are not only in the Tech field but have ramifications into a variety of fields.

Data Analysis

The realm of Data Analytics is not only fundamentally important in todays society but it has become one of the consummate skills that I hold. Studying and growing in this field has allowed me to share stories that data holds and has lead me to learn many Techinical skills, Analysis Tools and Programming languages: R, Python, SQL, PowerBI, Microsoft SQL Server, Tableau, HTML.

Tech Support

Graduating with a BBA in Business Administration has allowed me to combine my passions of Technolgy and Business. Gaining nearly 3 years of experience in Information Technology has helped me grow and expand my knowledge in skills in computer software, software troubleshooting, hardware troubleshooting and developing critical soft skills that have helped me become a leader in all areas of my life.


Graduating with a BBA in Business Administration and Minor in Coaching have helped me aquire the neccesary coaching and leadership skills to change peoples lives. Garnering experience as the Assistant Track and Field Coach at the Collegiate level has forced me to grow and lead a team to accomplish the goals they want.

Personal Development

Personal Development is one of the key factors to living a healthy lifestyle. Having the ability to learn anything in this world today is the driving force that motivates me to become a better person while making other people around me the best version of themselves. Over the years I have become very voracious in self-learning anything that interest me and those ramifications spread out to barbering, sports, computers, human development and education.


Project 1

Covid Death Rate

This personal project was done to analyze many metrics in the Covid-19 data set. I analyzed the death rates per country, city, state and many more measurments. The use of Joins, Conditional Filters, Subqueries, Temp Tables and visualization Software were a big part in sharing data stories with others.


Project 2

Bit of SQL Query

This Query is an example of some of the processes I use to help analyze data sets. In this Particular example a temp table in Microsoft SQL Server is being created to eventually make a view for data visualization later on.


Project 3

Data Anlaytics Certification

Completing a certification in Data Analytics has not only given me the tools that I need to be succesful with Data Analysis but it has also pushed me to educate myself more and dive into the field of Data Science and Statistics.



Becoming a 2x National Champion

Hardwork and Dedication always pay off, my reputation in Track and Field, being a 2x National Champion and NAIA Record Holder is the quintessential example of the person I am. Whatever it takes to accomplish the goal I am willing to do that and more.



Athletics and continual growth in Personal Development has been something I have enjoyed becoming adept in. The roles that I have played in both of these worlds have prepared me for the idylls and depravity life can bring.


About me

Data Analyst/Tech Support/Coach

I've spent the most of my early twenties in South Georgia gaining fundamental skills in the workplace; Software support, hardware support and Integrity of Systems. I have also spent a great amount of time learning and implementing a variety of tech skills; SQL, Python, BigQuery, PowerBi,R and different Data Analytics tools. Most days my time consist of reading and educating myself on a variety of tech topics, random education and new skills. My main hobbies out of the office are Training for Track and Field, spending time with family and watching the best NFL Football team on Sundays(Minnesota Vikings of course).

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Cell: +1 912 246 8001




Jacksonville, FL